2022 ROCKET E1

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The past meets the future of electric bikes with The Rocket E1. This custom cafe racer style e-bike is a bunch of fun around town. Powered completely by electricity, this bike lets you easily zip around town and turn heads wherever you go.

Rocket E1 Black and Green Combo


There are so many features of the Rocket E1 it is hard to fit it all onto one page. From the 60mph top speed, the 60 miles range, and the simple controls. Read on for more.

60MPH and 60 Miles Range

The Rocket is a speedy, fun ride! Perfect for getting around town, along the beachfront and in the cities. With a 60 mile range and a quick recharge. The Rocket has you covered.

Choice of Colors

The Rocket E1 comes in Black, Red, Grey, White and Green.
If you want another color option just email us after your order and our rep will take care of all your needs.

Manufacturers Warranty

Buy with confidence with the amazing 36 month Battery and Motor warranty and 6 month defective part warranty.

Track and Trace a missing bike at your request.

If your Rocket ever goes missing, you can simply contact the manufacturer and they can trace your vehicle for you.

Assembled in the USA

Want to know the details?

Watch it in motion!

Still Not Convinced? See the Rocket in action. What better way to get around town or get out with friends for a few hours ride.

Excitement is just a click away

Don't miss out on your Rocket E1 - With the tax incentives in the 2021 tax year you can buy more for your business or local beach/cabin rental and offer them to your guests.

Interested to learn more about our business offerings give us a call.

So how much is it?

The 2022 Rocket E1 is only $3500. This steal of a price includes shipping and handling, and documentation fees. Pay once and be done!

Price includes:

Shipping and Handling
Document Fee Included
Certificate of Ownership included.


Does it come with a Warranty

The Rocket E1 comes with a generous warranty of 36 Months Motor and Battery Replacement and a 6 months defective part warranty on any part of the bike.

Can I charge it at home?

Yes the Rocket E1 takes a standard 110v electrical outlet charge and can be fully charged in approx 6 hours. perfect for overnight charging at home.

Do I Need A Motorcycle License?

In most states you do not need to possess a motorcycle license to ride the Rocket as it is classed as a Custom E-Bike. We recommend you take your certificate of ownership to the DMV to register the bike and insure it should you choose..

Can I get it in a different Color

Yes you can, just reach out to us after your order is placed and we will let you know the custom colors that are available. If you are happy with the Black/Green then just hang tight for your order.

Did you know?
With 2021 Tax incentives for buying an Electric Vehicle you may be able to claim up to $2500 in tax credit.
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